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The Sound Horizon universe is riddled with religious references from the very start. It is possible that some aren’t particularly meaningful. However, I truly believe that given Revo’s meticulous attention to detail throughout Sound Horizon, most things have meaning. In this post, I’m going to…

I am reblogging this to add an addendum:

Moira and Thanatos - Revisited

I got a great idea while thinking of this section once again today. The Aeons of Gnosticism are basically invisible beings that, to me, seem like concepts that govern our way of life. We have Wisdom (Sophia), and I’m going to theorize Moira and Thanatos are also Aeons representing Destiny and Death respectively. These are concepts that govern life that cannot be controlled by Michele, who is stuck in her own cage, so of course she cannot control these aspects.

It ALSO explains an important point: Moira and Thanatos need vessels in the Sound Horizon universe. This is why Elefseus and Artemisia (funny, an E—>A…) are Thanatos’ and Moira’s vessels respectively. I will assign Artemisia as the Moira vessel because, as several fans have noted in the past, you see Artemisia in the Moira live sitting on the throne in that last flash of a second. They need vessels because they are concepts that must govern life—and ALL of life—and this is the only way for them to influence the Horizons. Because they need a physical form. Tl;dr (hilarious how this whole thing is so freaking long but only now I’m including it haha): Moira and Thanatos are invisible beings. They are concepts that need vessels. The way this occurs plays out in a manner that is similar to both Greek mythology as well as Gnosticism.

I was not entirely satisfied by this part of the theory before, and now I feel happier with it. Of course, finding actual evidence would be nice, but Elefseus being Thanatos’ vessel is 100% canon and Artemisia being Moira’s is, while conjecture, is somewhat implied in my opinion. In the very least it’s open to interpretation and that’s what I’m pulling from that scene.

roninwarriorsfanatic asked: Out of all the ronins (except ryo) and warlords, which 1 do you think you coul pull off the best in a cosplay?

Except Ryo? Well, I’ve already Lady Kayura as well so…I don’t really see myself as any of the other warlords or bad guys. So as for other Ronins, maybe as Cye but I pretty much claim myself as Ryo.


I feel like I need to make another little post about Sound Horizon. I call it a little post because it won’t TOUCH my previous theory post in either length, depth, or how much it encompasses of the universe. Still lengthy, but not like 14 pages. I want to talk about two things in particular:…


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September 1st

"Yer ticket fer Hogwarts, first o’ September — King’s Cross — it’s all on yer ticket."

If I’m tsudere, does that mean I get to be paired up with a loveable loser too?


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